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I have a Kenwood VR-906 receiver that I had purchased a year and a half ago. I have been fairly happy with it, understanding that it is a low end receiver, and without a lot of bells and whistles.

Last week, I noticed a problem, and the problem has gotten progressively worse.

The Problem is the receiver going into protect mode, every 10-15 minutes. Now it has gotten to the point where as soon as I turn it on, it immediately pops into Protect Mode.

I at first thought it was a wiring issue with my speakers, so I tested one by one, and there is no issue with any of the speakers.

So now even with no Input/Output it automatically goes into protect mode.

I have cracked it open to see if there was any obvious damage to one of the boards (I had noticed that when it was working the receiver was starting to get quite hot) but I cannot see any major catastrophic damage to any of the boards.

So now I am faced with the question of

1.) Do I try to fix it myself

2.) Do I find someone to fix it

3.) Do I simply drive over it a half dozen times and go out and buy a new Mid Range Receiver ($750-$1000)

3. I think is out of the question right now as my wife and I are expecting, and so I don't exactly have $500-$1000 to buy the receiver I want. (Make that $4000-$5000)

2. the only authorized Kenwood dealer in town wants $150 to look at the receiver, and that is what I paid for it, thus making more sense to defer to #3

1. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking on the VR-906's for issues relating to the Power Protect issues that are not related to speakers/wiring
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