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Problems with Marquee 8000...!!!

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Hi, I have a Marquee 8000 made in 1993 and while I was watching a film I lost the image now when I turn it on the green power led is the only one on the CLM that comes on as usually, but there is no image projected and the all three tubes are off :confused:. I checked the boards for any burn and I couldnt find anything, the tubes have 3000 hours and the CLM serial is 50-2006-02p 15/93. Can somebody help me..... thxs
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Did you check to see if any of the red LED's are lit up on the LVPS? Do you hear a crackling sound when turning on the projector?
It does the same crackling sounds when I turned on as usually, also none of the LVPS red led's are on, I just I could notice there is a softly red light coming from inside the HVPS, seams to be from the 300VDC Indicator, the board looks fine.
Could it be the PJ is in 'standby' mode? I've never checked whether turning off and back on cancels 'standby' on mine.
If the high voltage is present, then it's more likely in Standby or mute.

When the projector is in the standby mode, it mutes any video to the CRT's. The mute circuit is located on the VIM.

If the high voltage is present, that indicates the following:

- Vertical deflection is functioning.

- Horizontal deflection is functioning.

- The focus board is not shorted.

- The Low voltage power supply is functioning.

- The high voltage power supply is functioning.

Therefore the oonly other areas to be concerned with would be the following:

- Neck boards.

- Vim.

- And possibly the control module (which could cause this, but would not be likely the cause).

If you have the very early version neck boards. This problem was more common with them. To troubleshoot this problem, remove the multipin connector coming from each neck board that connects to the main board. Remove the cable at the main board, and do this on each board (one at a time), until you've checked each one.
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Mike, are you suggesting he shut down the projector, disconnect the multipin connector from each neck board. Then one by one, connect a single connector and turn on the projector to see if that tube lights up?

This problem sounds like my issue with forgetting to attach the mini-rca video connectors to the VIM. Projector powered up fine, but no video display or even menu. However, I at least had dimly lit tubes.
I have checked one by one the tubes and none of them lights up, but there is a weird sound coming from the HVPS. I turned on the PJ without the HPS to confirm the noise and the HFail led on the CLM it's not on is this normal... , I also checked the VNB and looks ok. Does anyone has the technical manual that could send me by mail... plz
Note that on projectors like this, due to the low voltages and current used, you'll hardly EVER see smoke or burnt components when something fails.

www.freebrd.com has the manual online I believe.

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