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Got this set 2 weeks ago and I'm not sure if I have a problem, or it's just how this low-end set works....

Whenever quickly changing from a lighter to darker scene or shot within a scene, the brightness level of the TV seems to react too slowly. You can easliy see the brightness level ramp up or down, rather than, BANG, it's changed. It's even more noticable if there are bars @ the top and bottom of the screen. Changing the brightness level or anything else for that matter has not seemed to make any difference. Mitsu is listing one of the features of this TV as "Smart Shutter"apeture or something like that. It changes the light level to create darker blacks and more shades of grey according to the literature. Could this thing be somewhat broken and reacting too slowly? Anyone else seen or heard of this problem?

I'm thinking of schleping the set back to the store, but now I'm not sure if I want to come home with another of the same TV or go for the Sony 46" 3LCD Grand Wega that would be the same price. The ironic thing is that, I was originally going to get the Sony, but got sucked into the bigger TV for the same price.

Thanks for any help.

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