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Problems with my Fisher DVD player.

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I have a FISHER MULTIMEDIA DVD VIDEO PLAYER DVD-S1000( I read that off the box) it also has Dolby Digital, and DTS Digital Out. I got it two years ago for Christmas. It was only $179.99 then so it wasen't the best money could buy but it was very good. It has the red, white, and yellow jacks, an optical digital output, an s-video output, and the blue, red, and green component output jacks on the back. I have about 22 DVDS, Varsity Blues, Jaws Anniversary Collector's Edition, Pitch Black, House on Haunted Hill, The Spy Who Shagged Me, Titanic, Road Trip, Tora! Tora! Tora!, The Cell, Remember the Titans, Coyote Ugly, Scary Movie, Book of Shadows, ID4 Five Star Collection, Gone in 60 Seconds, Frequency, The Matrix, Bravehaeart, Enemy of the State, Big Daddy, Armageddon, and recently I have bought The Patriot and the 6th Day. All of my DVDS have worked great, all except The Patriot and the 6th Day. Everytime I put them in the player i get a message saying something like "This DVD is intended for play on region 1 non-modified DVD players." But it only happens with The Patriot and the 6th Day. I also have rented alot of DVDs in the past and they all have worked fine. I am curious if this has happened on anyone else's DVD player, or if anyone else knows why this happens. Both The Patriot and the 6th Day say region 1 DVDS on the back so im very confused. So any answers would be great.

Thanks in advance

~Sean aka Beastie
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:cool: Welcome to the forum beastie boy! Try your discs on somebody else's player. Odds are that all the stuff on those discs, menus, PC stuff, doc's, games, or who knows what? Proably, maybe, in some possible reality, definitely in the twilight zone, and proably in your neibhorhood, the software in your player can't cope. I had a Denon 2500 (Pansonic-based) that did this sort of thing. It had bad optics, the generally defective Panasonic ones. U could ask Fisher about an upgrade to the player if the problem is software based, maybe? If the optics are bad and out of warranty, U might ought to start saving for a better player, possibly? You'd proably do much better with better name players from Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and Pioneer if U need a new one. Good luck with it!
sounds like RCE, Region Coding Enhancement. I know Patriot is an RCE disc, not sure about 6th Day.

See if you can get a firmware upgrade from Fisher.

I've got the same unit.

Try this work-around;



"right arrow"

"right arrow"



This at least get the DVD to play. You don't get any menu options or DD 5.1/DTS

It seams as that about 90%-95% of newly released DVD's work fine. This percentage was about 80% last year.
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Thanks so much. That works. Even though it works, I am think of getting a new DVD player soon down the road. But, at least till then i can watch my DVDs. Thanks

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