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Problems (?) with my HK 525

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I recently purchased a Harmon/Kardon AVR525 and, overall, I really like. I immediately noticed an improvement in sound quality over my Denon 1803.

I have, however, noticed a couple things that concern me a little. The semi-osd can bet turned on or off. I prefer to have it off so I switched it off. It apparently needs to be selected for each individual source selection so I've turned it off in each of the them as I use them. The problem is that it doesn't seem to be "sticking" on the DVD input. Evertime I use the DVD input it's there, I turn it off everytime, and yet it comes back the next time I use that source. Is it possible that I just did it differently on the other inputs ( though I don't recall doing so), and the way I did for the DVD input was incorrect?

I also seem to be having a sound problem when watching DVDs. The sound is fine, but I have noticed a couple times where the auido would "disappear" or become choppy after I would pause (or press stop just once) or do a slow search. If I turn off the receiver and turn it back on, or switch inputs and switch back seems to fix the problem.

Has anybody experienced these problems or something comparable or have any insights/suggestions that might be helpful for me?


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"Evertime I use the DVD input it's there, I turn it off everytime, and yet it comes back the next time I use that source."

Not sure why this is true. It may be a bug in the software, or...(see next section)

"...audio would "disappear" or become choppy after I would pause (or press stop just once) or do a slow search."

I had a 520 that did this. I worried that something was wrong with the receiver. It turned out to be a conflict with the DVD player -

Toshiba SD 2150. I bought a new DVD player and the problem disappeared. I later found out that changing from the coaxial to the optical digital audio output also would have cured it. It worked out ok for me because I now have a 7-disc progressive scan player. I haven't had any trouble with it, but I've heard of others with DVD/Receiver compatibility problems.

I hope you bought your 525 from an authorized dealer or from Costco (where I got my 525).

If you bought it from an authorized dealer, contact Harman Kardon and find out if they have any suggestions. They may be willing to upgrade you.

If you bought it from Costco, see if you can live with it or if switching from one type digital audio output to another (if possible with your DVD player) helps. If not, see if you can live with it. If not, Costco refunds the entire amount you paid if you return it. You can always order another one.
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Thanks for the input

I purchased my HK 525 new from onecall which is an authorized dealer. I am currently using a Panasonic CP-72 using the optical connection for audio.

I just realized now while trying things that it is "forgetting" the OSD setting for all the inputs, and I just didn't notice when I was watching TV because the OSD runs through the S-Video monitor out which is not in use when I watch TV. So, at least the problem is consistent so it may just be a matter of checking the manual for proper procedure to save that setting. But, I don't have it with me right now so if anybody who might already know what to do could let me know I'd appreciate it.


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I would like to help out by trying it on my 525 and seeing what happens. Stand by. I'll get back later.
I'm pretty sure I read about the OSD issue and there's no solution. Apparently it has to be turned off each time you power on.

The audio dropout issue is also a known problem on the HK receivers. It seems to be exacerbated by some DVD players or digital connections. For example, I rarely notice a dropout when pausing or changing chapters on my DVD player. However, if there's a 2 second pause on a burned CD in my CD player, I lose the signal momentarily.

Now that I think about it, I never tried a burned CD that included 2 second track gaps on the DVD player... I think I have some testing to do this weekend.
I notice the same thing happens with the brightness setting for the display. If I switch it to half, it reverts back to full after a power off/on cycle.
I just checked the manual, and the semi-OSD setting is temporary so it looks like if I want it off I'll have to change it everytime.

The DVD with which I had the audio problem belonged to a friend of mine, and I'm not sure what condition it was in. If it was scratched could that have contributed to the problem? I wouldn't think it would unless it normally skipped at that part, but I thought I'd ask.



After the promise I made, I've not had a chance to check mine. It will be a couple more days before I get to it (working 12 hour shifts).

The condition of the DVD shouldn't cause the problem you mentioned.
I also have a 525.

Yep, the semi OSD settings revert when you power cycle. In order to not see the volume changes you'll need to use component video outputs to your display.

As for the audio dropouts, that's a known HK issue (well, HK says it's a feature for your protection - ha!). Any time you switch audio streams (PLII to DTS, or DD, etc), there's about a 2-3 second delay before it plays the audio. I've only noticed the stuttering problem if I pause a DTS track for more than about 20 seconds or so. The only way to un-stutter is to power-cycle, input-cycle or change the audio stream. It's definitely a 'quirk', but I can live with it.
I would like to say that these problems are definitely not a big deal for me. Would I rather I could change this somehow? Of course. If I had known I would have these "problems" would I have gotten something else? No way. I am utterly pleased with the performace of this AVR, and the little quirks are almost a non issue. The audio that radiates from my speakers powered by this HK 525 is so good at this price point that I would live with more little quirks before I would pick something else.

Thanks to all you AVSers that were influential in my decision to get this receiver, and thanks to all of you have given your input on this subject.


You (and others) have solved your OSD mystery so I won't bother.

One additional suggestion,

try a different input for your DVD digital audio out.

I'm assuming you're using the #1 input on the receiver. Try #2 (of course, then you can tell everyone that your DVD player sounds like #2). Anyway, it may make a difference if you use a different input. It's worth a shot. I had the exact same problem as you are experiencing and, while nothing I couldn't live with, it was extremely annoying.
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