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Problems with my new P50

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I am having some weird problems in the upper right area of my screen. I have swapped inputs, cables and components with no luck. It appears to be on light shades especially in clouds. It seems to start happening when the display has been on for about 45min. I have plenty of space around the screen and is open in back of it. So I don't think that is the issue. Anyway here are the pics. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Mike
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YIKES! That's a new one! Could there be some type of device generating interference near the plasma? I'd be leaning more towards some defect in the unit though since it appears you're seeing a normal picture until the unit heats up after 45 minutes. Can you confirm that the fans are running and eliminate an overheating scenerio? I've never seen this problem posted by anyone.
This is probably what some people have seen in the white screen mode... a red/pinkish tint up towards a corner. But you're the first I've seen here report seeing it in a regular image. Those seeing it on the white screen report it diminishing after a break-in period, though I'm not sure anyone has said it has gone away completely over time or not.

I think you should contact Fujitsu service about this one.
Doug, his problem is FAR worse than the typical pinkish spot in the upper left corner. There is definitely something out of the ordinary on his unit. His defect covers a sizeable area of the picture. I would find that unacceptable to say the least.
If I go to the White Screen Mode I do not see anything out of the ordinary. I have turned the fans on manually in the service mode for setting 0 to 3 where they run all the time, and it did not make a difference. I was told to give it a week by my sales person and he would replace it if the problem does not go away. I sent him the picture also will see what he says when he see's it. I really do not have any equipment close to the display. I have a 3 foot deep space behind it so there is plenty of air moving around it. I did not see this the first two days of watching. I will keep you posted!

Huh- that is a new one. I'd also ask for a replacement. On the chance it does go away within the week, if it comes back later after the warranty period you're in a bad spot, unless you have an extended and this is covered in it (I got stuck a few years ago with a Mitsubishi TV that had with a sporadic but unfixable position problem that started during the warranty, went away and came back with a vengeance later after the warranty expired).
I would agree that what the display is exhibiting looks far worse than the occasional " I see a pinkish tint to a portion of what should be a white image on my display" comment that we have heard from some members.

Just to cover the base, I should at least ask if the problem has evidenced itself with one, some or all types of media (DVD vs. cable, etc).

Additionally, although this comment is not intended to question the motives of the dealer in any way, I would see if I could return it for replacement pronto. Waiting a week to see if it will go away just sounds like wishful thinking on the part of the dealer. I can understand his not wanting to muscle a defective 50" plasma display around his shop but even if it "went away" wouldn't you then be stuck wondering when it will return, with little hope of a repair order being initiated unless the display is actually exhibiting the problem at that time?
I have the "pinkish" symptom, but it is visible only in white screen and in some gray scale images.

What I see with this unit is a GET ME A NEW ONE NOW!

When I got my P50 about a month ago, I had asked the dealer to turn it on just to make sure everything was working and he happened to mention that he has 10 days to return a unit without having to deal with the warranty issues.

Considering what these units cost, they must work correctly!!!

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