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Problems with Onkyo HT-S5200

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I finished setting this system up today and I am having a few problems. I connected my cable box using component cables into the cable/sat in plugs. I am getting sound, but no picture. Also, I am having to turn the receiver up to about 70 to 75 to get a good, loud sound. Is this normal? THere was a little bit of back ground noise during the Audessey setup so I will run it again without my little one in the house. I have also read about the active bass setting. How do you turn this on? The sound coming out of the sub is not that loud, once again, it may be that I have to redo the Auddessey setup.
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I see you have the cable box connected to the receiver but how do you have the receiver connected to the TV?

also what type of audio cables are you running from the cable box to the receiver?
The receiver is connected to the television from the HDMI out slot. I am using the component green, blue, red, white, and red cables in one. The red and white are hooked into the cable/satelitte in holes. Thanks for the help.
You probably have to do some kind of setup on your receiver to ensure that component video is output thru the HDMI port. I'm sure its in the manual somewhere.
I've never turned my HT-S5100 up louder than 50-55, normal volume is around 30-35, volume for normal TV with other people sleeping is 25-30.

If you're going up to the 70s outside of a dedicated theatre room for movies only something sounds wrong.

They might have changed from 5100 to 5200, but that seems drastic.
just read in the manual that the receiver does not convert between formats.

i.e. if your cable box is connected via HDMI, the TV must be connected via HDMI. same for component
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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