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Sorry if posting in the wrong area, but it was the closest I could find.

I have some problems with connecting my JVC HR-9600 S-VHS player (and my previous VCR) to my projector (Benq PE7700).

I do get picture, but sometimes the video just drop out for a second, then a blank screen with it saying "unsupported" in the lower right corner, before the picture comes back on. This takes in all about 3 seconds. I'm assuming that it may be a weak signal that make the picture drop out like this. It can happen from 10-20 times an hour. I have no problems with this when showing TV channels through my S-VHS player to the projector.

I have connected the VCR with a S-Video cable into my receiver (Denon 3805), which then output the signal through component cables into the projector. I've also done the same thing with my laserdisc player, which have no problems whatsoever.

I do not have a long S-Video cable, but could it be possible to resolve this with connection the VCR directly to the projector, instead of routing it through the receiver? (As mentioned, the laserdisc player works fine with the rerouting).
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