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Problems with Sony KV-32HV600

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Thank goodness for AVS Forum. I have a 32" Sony KV-32HV600. It gave a beautiful picture. It even made VHS beautiful. It had some slight geometry issues. I decided to start from scratch so being a dummy, I hit that horribly magical 7, 9 combo that resets the service menu values. BIG MISTAKE! For the past week, I have been trying to get back to where I was.

I downloaded the service manual for my TV. One thing I noticed was that the resetted value in the TV and the initial values listed in the service manual differs. Anyhow, I have several problems that I need help with.

1. The resetted TV had too reddish a picture so I reduced RDRV and RCUT value. Now I have a greenish cast to the picture. The grey is greenish grey. Should I increase the RDRV and RCUT values?

2. The 1080i picture is not displaying correctly. When I input 1080i (either through both DVI and component), I only get partial picture. It looks like I only get upper left quarter of 1080i picture. Best I can put it is that the TV shows 480i portion of 1080i.

3. The focus is off. When I run Avia, instead of one line, I get one line "ringed" by a red line. This is worse in the corners. Maybe the convergence is off?

I appreciate any help you guys can offer. Thanks.
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Check the owner's manual to find the weight of the tv.

Then you'll have a better idea how many helpers you will need to carry it out.

Please forgive my smartass remarks. I think you may have ruined your tv.
Well, I don't know about ruining the TV. I did re-enter all the service menu values according to the listed initial values in the service manual and went from there. And I did end up correcting the geometry issues to an acceptable result.

I was simply looking for save some time by tapping into other people's experience and expertise to get where I want to go. Isn't that what this forum is about?

Grey-ish picture, I am pretty sure is fixable by playing around with the gamma settings and color gun amp and bias settings. Focus issue, again, I am sure is fixable.

Now 1080i problem got me stumped. I am pretty sure it's one of really simple thing fix if you know what to look for. I just can't figure out which service code it is.

Thanks anyway.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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