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Having some issues with certain BD rips (M2TS) using VC-1 as the video codec. Periodically the performance will slow down and the frame rate will go from 23.97 down to 20 or so and the audio will lose sync. I can recover by using the playback slider to rewind a bit and the audio will sync up again, but eventually it will happen again. It seems to happen in the same spots, during scenes with lots of motion, CPU is around 70-80%. Using MPC-HC, with internal filters. I've tried ffdshow as the video decoder, but it seems to only be able to generate 12 fps or so, so it's a non-starter from the beginning. Audio is ffdshow, analog outs from M-Audo Revo 7.1.

I know my video card doesn't support hardware acceleration, but it's not a problem with H.264, which I thought was more compute intense than VC-1?

Windows XP, SP3

Core Duo 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM

Nvidia 8800 GTS/320 - latest drivers

MPC-HC - latest stable version 1.3.1249.0.(x86)

I guess buying a new video card that supports the hardware acceleration is one solution, but the fact that it works fine with H.264 makes me think there's a config fix. I just reinstalled the system after a hard drive issue, so the config is pretty clean at the moment.

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It is a good idea to try various VC-1 decoders.

- ffdshow libavcodec

- ffdshow wmv9

- MPC Video Decoder

- WMVideo Decoder DMO

- CyberLink VC-1 Decoder (need a tweaker )

- ArcSoft Video Decoder (need a tweaker )
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