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Problems with VP30 with ABT card...

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Hi all,

Just bought myself a DVDO VP30 with the ABT card installed, but having several problems getting it to work effectively. With my Wii it does a good job of upscaling, and no problems with hd-dvd player, its when it comes to my xbox 360 and freeview the problems arise.

The xbox 360 eilite I have can output at 1080p, and I have it plugged into the scaler via hdmi then from scaler to my 1080p capable tele via hdmi (all hdmi leads are 1.3). But when I run the xbox through the scaler, the xbox will not let me set its output to 1080p, only 1080i, but if I go direct from box to tele it will let me. Another problem with running it through the scaler is that it creates an awful brownly-purple ghosting effect on edges and when moving in a game (most evident on call of duty 4). I have tried running it through scaler either on pass through or not but still to no avail. My scaler has got the current 1.14 patch on it which DVDO claims will allow 1080p passthrough.

And then we come to freeview. I have a Humax PVR which is connected to the scaler via s-video (best output it has im afraid tho i'm looking into getting a scart hybrid cable) and then back to tele through hdmi. But the image quality is alot worse than just going direct to tele! The edges are alot more jaggy, lots of pixilation, green lines appearing often, lots of noise and if people move on screen you get an awful red flickering effect on thier faces! I have the output of the freeview set on the scaler to 1080p 60hz but nothing I seem to try makes the image quality any better.

So far the scaler has made my xbox and freeview image quality worse! So was wondering if anyone here had any ideas as to what the problem might be? Do you think the ABT card may be faulty? Or the scaler itself?

Any help resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated!
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Did you set the source at 480i to let the scaling be done by the processor, because it sounds like overscan to me.
Just to elaborate further on above suggestion. The ABT102 processing is only applied to 480/576i signals: it is completely bypassed on 1080i material. Be aware your HDMI source might not be able to output 480/576i. If you want to process 1080i material you are much better off with a VP50/PRO. Suggest try running the VRS test disc, that should tell you if you have a problem with the unit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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