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Processor-Can anyone steer me the right direction?

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I have sold my MC-1, and I'm looking to get into the "new" models of processor.

I have narrowed it down to these:

Anthem AVM-30

Sunfire TheaterGrand IV

Aragon Stage One 7.1

Lexicon MC-4

Here are my pros/cons:

Anthem AVM 30 Pros: Superior upgradibility, very tweakable, modest cost. Very highly rated.

Cons: Iffy bass management, some issues with capacitors.

Aragon Stage One Pros: Ultra cheap right now, has gotten good reviews, has most if not all the major surround formats.

Cons: Now owned by Klipsche, being phased out means no upgrades, iffy support.

Lexicon Pros: Its a Lexicon, good reviews, Logic 7, excellent following and support

Cons: Price, upgrades. (not that upgrades are bad- its something else)

Sunfire: Still researching.

I'd like some input on these models if anyone cares to share opinions or actual user data.
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