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 Article Here!!!

The following new products, all of which use Silicon Image's PanelLink Cinema technology, were on display at CEDIA and are shipping this fall, unless otherwise noted:

- Panasonic projection TV: PT-53WXD63 (53-inch)

- Panasonic plasma TVs (2): TH-42PX20 (42-inch) and TH-50PX2 (50-inch)

- Panasonic LCD displays (2): TC-32LH1 (32-inch) and TC-22LH1 (22-inch)

- Pioneer Eliteâ„¢ DVD Player: DV-59AVi

- Pioneer PureVisionâ„¢ plasma TVs (4): PRO-1110HD (50-inch), PRO-910HD (43-inch), PDP-5040HD (50-inch) and PDP-4340HD (43-inch)

- Pioneer Elite projection TVs (2): PRO-730HDI (64-inch) and PRO-530HDI (53-inch)

- Pioneer Elite PureVision plasma monitors (2): PRO-1000HDI (50-inch) and PRO-800HDI (43-inch)

- Sony projectors (3): VPL-HS3, VPL-HS20 and Qualia 004 (ships this winter)

- Meridian DVD-A transport: G98

- Meridian DVD-A controller: G91DH

- Meridian DVD-A player: 800

- SIM2 Grand Cinema projector: HT300 LINK

Pick and choose your poison!!!!

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