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Program Guide missing

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OK, I've been running my WMC HTPC for over 2 years and the WAF has been pretty stable at 90+%.

Well that went to sh!t when the "no data available" started happening to most of the program guide.

Problem is, I have no idea what program is responsible for that job. I set this HTPC up and haven't had to touch it since early 2013....Knocking on wood.

What my brain knew back then may have been overwritten by stuff my wife tells me or I just have been away from it for a while.

So, I'm gonna ask for help.
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Thanks for the quick reply.

But, alas, I'm getting the 404 error. :frown:
I just checked my guide for OTA broadcasts and it goes out to friday the 21st at 7:00 pm. If you are using cable it may be a different story. I live in northwest ohio. Good luck with getting it back.
I'm under Comcast Atlanta. Most of the guide is "not available". There just does not seem to be a pattern what is available and not.

Already did a hard restart of the PC.
Is it possible that daylight savings time caused a problem? If time is wrong, guide will show no data.
Happened about a week ago so DST is not part of the equation. Did check today and PC clock is correct.
You need to read the download log for see what exactly is the problem. But please note that certain error in guide download log is ok because they are related to certain features that no longer available in WMC.

UPDATE: just checked events log for one of my PCs and although I have guide data all the way to 3/21, all the update requests sent out today have been failed and the PC keeps retry it. So, it seems there is something wrong on the server side as far as I can tell.
Thanks for the quick reply.

But, alas, I'm getting the 404 error. :frown:
I don't know what was wrong with that link. Probably something weird with tapatalk.


Link to other thread with same problem.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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