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Programming Niles Intellicontrol ICS GXR2

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Does anyone know how to program a GXR2 system? New home construction. For fun and a hobby, I did some research and created a home audio design. Before the sheetrock was hung, I prewired my new home with speakerwire and CAT 5. (did the work myself) Purchased a used GXR2 multizone receiver from a private owner. It is currently programmed for the previous owner's home, but now I would like to add more Keypads, Sources, and Zones for my house. I downloaded the Intellifile 3 software from Niles website, but I have not had any luck programming it. I just read on AVS Forum that only Niles dealers can program the GXR2. I also read that programming can be very expensive. One of the reasonsf for doing it yourselfer is for the fun and save some $. Does anyone know how to program a GXR2 system?
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It requires a hardware dongle to connect...a dealer item
ballaireroad is correct, it requires the dongle that you can only get as a dealer to program it. However, a dealer shouldn't be *that* unreasonable to program this system as its not really that difficulty or extremely time consuming.
Thanks for your input. It doesn't look difficult to program, which is why I wanted to do it myself. Looks like I don't have a choice. I'll have to call a local dealer
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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