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Hello All

I have a Vizio 47'' LCD HDTV. Model # SV471XVT. I have programmed the Vizio remote to control my cable box and my old DVD player and it works fine.

I just purchased a Panasonic Blu-ray Home Theater System. Model # SC-BT730 and I wanted to setup my Vizio remote to control this as well. I tried all of the Panasonic codes that were listed in my Vizio manual and the one that worked was 21641, which was listed under the Blu-ray codes in the Vizio manual.

So when I entered that code, my Vizio remote did turn the Home Theater System off, so the power button does work. My problem is that when I use the volume button, even if I select the Audio button first, it still only changes the volume on the TV and not the Home Theater System.

Is there a way that I can get my Vizio remote to control the volume on my Home Theater System? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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This make take a couple of tries, so please be patient.

First, let's try the easiest possibility: Use setup code 31548. I think that code will probably control everything, but we also have to take into account the volume punch through feature.

As shipped, the remote (VUR8M) likely is setup to always send volume group commands (Vol+, Vol-, Mute) to the TV, regardless of the device mode. That's changeable, presumably, although the manual doesn't list how. So use the 993 instructions in the 9XX Command instructions to set up VPT as you want it. Perhaps you want the volume group to always go to the BT730; in that case

1) Press Setup until two blinks

2) Enter 993 (2 blinks)

3) Tap the Audio button (or whatever button has 31548 assigned to it)

The remote should blink twice.

Now the vol group will actuate the BT730 in all device modes.

If you want the volume group to go to the TV when in TV mode, and to the BT730 in other modes, do the above steps and then:

1) Tap TV

2) Press Setup until 2 blinks

3) Enter 993 (2 blinks)

4) Tap Vol-

The remote should blink 4 times.

There are other possible VPT combinations.

Let us know if this works: a) is the DVD section controlled, b) is Power OK, c) does the volume group work?

If the Power button doesn't send anything using 31548, try tapping Setup and enter 20513. When you enter the 5th digit (3), the remote will send a IR signal which may turn Power on and off.

You can assign this 5 digit EFC to the Power button using the 994 command.
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