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Progressive DVD player on an NEC LT154

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I am installing an NEC LT154 (LCD XGA) at my boss's house and he does not want to use an HTPC since it will be mostly for his kids to watch Disney, etc.. I am currently using an HTPC/NEC LT154 at my house and is working great. I am new to the progressive technology in the new DVD players and I need a little help.

1) What is a good player at a price of $300-$700 that will work best with this projector?

2) When I get the progressive player, is it as simple as getting a VGA to component cable to connect to the RGB/component port of the NEC? Do I need anything else? Would you recommend anything else?

3) Also, just curious. If I connect my older Sony DVP-S7000 non-progressive DVD player with this method, what kind of image can I expect compared to a progressive DVD player? I don't have the cable yet so I can't test.

And if you are not sick of my questions, would a progressive player using component into my Sony XBR 35" tube TV look any better than my current Sony DVP-S7000 or will my Sony have a max resolution and ignore the progressive information or does that even make sense?

I am soooo confused.. Please help..


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