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Progressive picture on a Sony VPH-10xy (x != 3)

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Does anyone know if it's possible to get a progressive picture on such a 15.75KHz horiz. scan projector by using PowerStrip and using a custom resolution tailored for widescreen @ 48Hz refresh? Maybe 320x240 progressive? I don't know exactly how horizonal, vertical, and refresh equate to horiz. and vert. scanrate but are these projectors capable of primative progressive other than CGA?
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[email protected] = 36.8khz

is that within the pj's specs?

i could just imagine 320x240 would look like garbage. upgrade your pj so as 12xx! I know my friend picked up as 1271 for $1K
320x240 should be OK but besides that...

With a 15.75 scan rate you would be hard pressed, but.... lets see....

at 48 you should be able to do a ~300p oe 600i lines at the same scan rate. It's really quite fitile at that rate. You mught be able to show a non anamorphic 2.31 : 1 on that PJ but that's it.

If you wat to push it you could try using powerstrip to remove the front and back porch black lines that might get your numbers up to mabye 328p/650i.

This is all of course assuming the PJ can actually scan to these unusual rates. It really does sound like a first class ticket to frying the PJ since all 10xx's can die from incorrect scanrates.
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I'm with rohan... hunt around I got my 1252 for $300.
Mike already owns a couple 1031Q's he is just asking about the other 10XX models .

-- Interesting idea though Mike ...

--- Jason Berg
Yep, I am very content with the 1031Q. The other 10xxs are super cheap though. Yes, 320x240 would look like ass but then again so does 480i. 320x240 would be good for VCD though. Then again who honestly owns pressed VCD movies here? Anyone? :) According to PowerStrip 320x240 is 15KHz horiz.. My monitor does it, though I guess that can be meaningless compared to a CRT pj. Oh well, just a thought. Man, 1K for a 12xx? I'm going to try my 0.5K * 2 1031Q stack in a few weeks and we'll see how it compares with a 12xx. What is the advantage of a 12xx over a 1031Q for displaying 720x480 DVD besides a little more brightness (solved by a 1031Q stack) and a little better picture sharpness? It the difference really that distingushable? If the 1031Q was limited to 640x480 then yeah, there would be a difference as far as DVDs are concerned.
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