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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this,

My Setup,

NEC Multisync MT810 Projector, 3lcd, 800x600 native

PIII 800mhz CPU, 512megs PC133 Ram

GeForce3, Creative 12x DVD Player,

SB Live! 5.1, Pioneer VSX-D409 Receiver

WinDVD player, Da-Lite Glass Screen.

My Question,

I've been thinking of freeing the projector

from the computer. I was wondering what a

progressive scan dvd player would look like over

the projector. I know a regular dvd player does

not even compare to the computer setup, But if

Im understanding this correctly a progressive

scan dvd player is simalar to a scan line doubler?

and this doubles the resolution? Am I confussed?

Do I want to even bother with a progressive scan

dvd player considering its around $300. I really

want to free the projector from the computer but

a regular dvd player doesn't cut it. If this is

the way I want to go, what's a good progressive

scan dvd player?

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and

I appreciate any advice/answers you can give,

A Randt,

aka. .Aman.
[email protected]

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A progressive player will most likely give you far superior results.

I don't know the MT810 specifically, but, the internal de-interlacer (if you can even call it that) in most projectors are horrible, resulting in poor performance with interlaced players.

It all depends on what you want to use the projector for. If it's only DVD then you could probably get away with a progressive player. An alternative would be using an interlaced player with an external scaler/de-interlacer which will work as well and give you more flexibility in terms of sources. Obviously the cost differentials have to be considered here.

In terms of the player cost, the Panasonic RP56 can be had for $249 (~200 discounted). It's an excellent basic player.


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i can vouch for the RP56. i'm using it with a LT150 and see no great reason to supplant it with a HTPC.

cost, simplicity, asthetics, and an excellant picture are fine enough for me.

i suppose i could squeeze an extra 5-10% out of my dvd's (all i watch on it anyway), but i really don't care. in the 7 or 8 films i've watched on it so far, i haven't once been roused out of the movie by a deficency in the delivery.

at $250 i think i took advantage of another 'steal' and i'm as happy as a clam with this simple set-up.
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