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Project Board as A Screen

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Forgive me if this has been tried and discuused before. I was just in office max and I noticed a foam board that they call Project Board. It was only 60" X40" but it had a nice white matte finish on it. Has anyone tried this material before? I called a sign company and they do make this stuff in 4' x 8' sheets. i don't know if it comes any bigger, but i'm thinking of trying some anyway. I only want a 70" to 80" diagnal anyway. Anyone tried this material?

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I have a friend who swears by the melamine-laminated 3/4" 4 x 8 particle board sheets. Flat, stiff, bright without hot-spotting, etc. It's also heavy as hell.
I've heard of Gatorboard. That might be a brand name. I searched the web previously. It's about $70 for a 4x8 sheet. It's got a plastic core and is more durable than the foam core. Not too heavy I understand. You can ask draganm in the CRT forum. A friend of his uses it as a screen.

There is a forum in AVS devoted to DIY screens. (not that we don't want you here, but more screen DIY'ers are there to respond to your questions)

You will find lots of info on foam-core based screens, Gatorboard based screens, blackout-cloth based screens, Formica and melamine based screens, etc. In fact, probably almost anything thet reflects light might be found there used/tried as a screen.

If you do a bit of searching/reading/posting there you will find an answer to most of your questions.

The DIY screen forum is a sub-forum of the screen forum.

Here is a a link:

Joe L.
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Thanks Joe. I hadn't dug deep enough to find that forum.
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