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Project DISCO

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Okay, this is killing me:

Project DISCO?

What is this, a bad CHiPs episode? (as if there ever WAS a bad CHiPs episode! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

Seriously...between project DISCO and a certain other dance-related title that some others here will know about - what's w/ the dancing theme, ReplayGuys?

Inquiring minds want to know!
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You Replay Guys are really freakin' me out man!!!

How do I get a job with you guys again???


If only she could be paused like my ReplayTV.
(sorry Donna Summer)

Laaaaassst Dance.. last chance for romance tonight....;-)
Project DISCO is the codename for the promised space upgrades to our Replay's. It's projected for version 87 of the Replay Software. When that software is downloaded onto your machine you'll get a message which will send you to a special screen where you can enter in your credit card # and the quantity of space you desire priced at $0.25 an hour of expansion. Once you enter this information on the next dialin your machine will download the extra space onto your existing machine.

At present they're having trouble with the download process time. Currently it takes 24 hours of connect time to download 1 minute of addtional recording time. By V. 87 of the software they hope to have that down to 12 hours per 5 minutes of additional recording time.



Wayne Dunham

[email protected]
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