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Projecting on to walls

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I am very new at this , I would like to know the best paint to paint the walls with to project on to. Could I make a screen out of 12mm mdf and paint it.

Thank you



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Hi John,

Its me VR AUDIO SYSTEMS again.

DONT use the bare MDP please...............If you want there are 2 home made considerations I have made........

1. use mate white formica and laminate it to at leat a 1/2" thick piece of MDF.

2. if a HOME DEPOT is availabe to you go to idea 3

3.HomeyD sells a KILLER drop cloth. It is raw canvas on the back and it is sealed, the front is this AWSOME mate white material BETTER then any projection screen I have ever seen. The drop cloth has a seem in the center but dont panic. There is enough material to make 2 100" 4:3 screens from 1 cloth. (I am using this my self) We have compaired it here on the forum and trust me it REALLY is better then a lot of screens on the market. The picture is very detailed and the color is excelent.

REMEMBER: home depot.......painters drop cloth 9 X 12 foot canvas. It is slightly gray on the back may have some black streakes nut the front ( screen side) is BAD ASS. its in a poly bag with blue lettering it sells for under 20 bucks.

This WILL work better then any paint over the counter!!! and it is way less work
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Check out this thread. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum9/HTML/000183.html

This will give you a good idea about what people are doing with homeade screens. Happy reading. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


Any chance you have a SKU or UPC number on that item? It would make purchasing it easier and take out the guess work of shopping at the notoriously horrendous customer unfriendly place.

I actually do have the SKU# it is :076063824006 it sells for $18.97

I hope you can find one and use it. It works awsome for my SONY CRT
Where is the seam in this cloth? On the 12 foot or 9 foot side?


-- John

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Just curious, I have already purchased curtain blackout fabric from www.joann.com (purchased from a local Joann's Fabric in Atlanta) but I wanted to know more.

I went by Home Depot some time ago and did see a drop cloth that fit this description.

I wonder what's the difference between these two drop cloths from Home Depot?

9'x12' drop cloth - SKU# 076063824006 $18.97

Quote from VR Audio Systems

I actually do have the SKU# it is :076063824006 it sells for $18.97

I hope you can find one and use it. It works awsome for my SONY CRT


9'x12' butyl/ruber drop cloth - UPC code 047034803115 $20

Quote from sstieferman

The screen is a poly drop cloth, white - Home depot, 20 bucks.

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BRZEZ, The seem runs dowm the center horozontally 12"

If you cut the cloth using it as a guide there is enough material to make a 100" 4:3 screen http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


I dont know what the differance would be? I guess you could say the finish is a type of butile rubber? I am not sure. It is KICK ASS for a PJ screen though!!! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
A warning about the home depot drop cloth. Not all samples have the seam down the middle. I grabbed one and it has two seams instead of one, creating 3 panels about 49 inches by 9 feet... but at this price, who cares? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


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