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Projection TV for <$20

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No idea what this is, but it looks pretty funny.

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It's just a fresnel lens that you place inside a box and attach to a display device. Just for kicks, I bought one of these off Ebay a couple of years ago for about $8 and it was worthless.
So you are saying that this image really isn't plausible with their "secret box"?

Maybe AVS needs to add a "sub $50.00" category to the forum.

I would post, and then make sure my wife noticed it.

She might buy it for a while! LOL

There's been some discussion before on this setup. It apparently works to some extent (not anything like those pics though). You end up with a device about as big and attractive as a washing machine to stuff between your home theater seating. WAF of about -10.
my friend bought one and we tried to build it (from ebay) and the TV had to be like 1' away from the wall in a dark room and it was super fuzzy, it was a good waste of a afternoon. The TV also has to be upside down and brightness turned up to the max
Sounds like they have the perfect return policy though ...

They quote 60 days AND 30 days within 8 lines of each other on the FAQ page. Nice work ... :D
The focus is next to impossible as well. I tried sandwiching it between 2 sheets of glass from picture frames and still couldn't get it to work.
Save the money on the plans. I fooled around with this when I was 11 or 12: if only the internet was around then, I'd be getting rich off it. Any how, the results were less than stellar and I was projecting onto a glass bead screen.

If you want to go the DIY route, visit diyaudio.com. Their video forum has a section on building DIY LCD projectors--those have a good shot at working if you are willing to invest the time into it.
You will have more fun with the fresnel lens if you went around burning everything in sight. Giant magnifying glass fun! I suppose you could make a Death Star with a big enough fresnel lens. :eek:
Originally posted by amrod
my friend bought one and we tried to build it (from ebay) and the TV had to be like 1' away from the wall in a dark room and it was super fuzzy, it was a good waste of a afternoon. The TV also has to be upside down and brightness turned up to the max
LMAO! Sounds like a great product.

These guys are a riot putting up a really legit looking website to con people.
I have to admit I tried it too when thinking about buying a projector. For kicks, I bought a $5 freznel lens from Office Depot; Then turned my 27" huge TV upside down and tried all sorts of ways to watch it. I figured out that while it sort of works in a out on a stretch beyond all imagination kind of way; the picture is too fuzy and the TV needs to be a completely flat Tube to enhance the focusing. You would also need to purchase a high-power screen so that you can actually even see the picture. No matter how much money you spend on it, the picture will be crap though. I even bought a large 25" freznel lens to test that to see if that would enhance the quality. It did absolutely no good at all. I am even embarrassed writing this post. Thank goodness the Infocus X1 came around and at a decent price. Made it much easier for my wife to swallow when she knew I absolutely wouldn't back down and had to get a projector for our own. I did try the 25" freznel lens on my computer monitor and it really did turn the 20" viewable computer monitor into a 22-23 inch bigger monitor. What is really neat about the large freznel lens though is that it "enhances" the 3D effect in computer games. I don't use it on a regular basis, but it really is a neat effect. I bought the 25" freznel lens at a equipment for the blind website at a really cheap price; under $50.
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I always sort of knew these lens were crap. But even in the best case scenario that you get all of this working: You'll still be blowing up 480i material to a huge size. Yuck.
I'm buying one, hooking it up to my X1, selecting presentation mode (of course).

And trying to burn a hole through my wall


we got the kids a insect trap thing from discovery and it has a very thick magnifying glass, burns your hand in seconds.

Tried to find it online and couldnt, but I did find this

Hmmm, lemme see if daddy is really my dad?
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You can't do it for $20, but there are folks who built their own PJs.


Dunno if they really work that well, but it's a cool site.
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