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projectiondesign F1 single chip SXGA?

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Does anyone have any information on the F1 SXGA projector from projectiondesign? This seems to be the first single chip DLP SXGA projector that's aimed at consumers. More info at:

projectiondesign F1 SXGA
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If you do asearch for it you will find some info posted a week ago.

Tor Arne
 HERE'S the thread tahustvedt was referring to.

Thanks. I tried searching, but it didn't come up with anything for some reason.
Just some more information

this unit is shipped now in very small quantities - in Europe.

And the picture I have seen at Infocom and at Photokina - we will have a now another solution for real SXGA than LCD or D-Ila - I´m just waiting for my unit which should be arrive within the next fortnight for testing - I will report

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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