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Projectiondesign weird aspect ratio

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Hi folks,

Hope someone can help me with this..

At work we have a Sony BluRay player running through a Kramer WP430 Router into a ProjectionDesign FX35 projector.

I've been using this for approx 8 months now with no problems. We're running component out of the BluRay.

The other day whilst i was setting up for a viewing the screen halved in size to a stretched letterbox setting. The whole picture was there, just stretched & half the size.

Now to get a full screen i have to use 16:9 stretched letterbox, but this is cutting out about 1/5 from the top and bottom of the picture.

I've reset both the projector, BluRay and Kramer to factory settings, but nothing..

It's got me stumped.. No idea what it could be.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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I would start by trying to identify which piece of gear is causing the problem. Take the Kramer out of the loop, hook a different bluray up to the projector are just a couple of things you could do to zero in on what is causing the problem.
Hi Tif,

I worked for them up until recently.

Call me if possible... Maybe I can help.
Cheers for the replies guys.

I would normally try and narrow it down by taking things out of the equation, but unfortunately not with the set up we've got (the projector being roof mounted 20ft above me!). I can build the scaffolding if need be but was hoping it would be something with the Kramer or BluRay as there's obviously been no changes made to the Projector.

Dan, would love to give you a call to see if you can help but unfortunately i'm in England. Calling the US would have me getting a rollocking off the big bosses
Any chance i can ask for your help via email?

I've changed the source on the kramer to VGA and i'm getting the same image size. I've just factory reset the projector again and we're still at 50%.

Possibly a daft question.. but this perticular projector having 2 lamps (i think..?). Would it do this if one has blown?

I'm going to fiddle around with the kramer a bit more.. but all is default settings so it should be standard aspect at the moment..

again, any suggestions are appreciated.

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Send me either a PM or an email with your phone number over there. I have a one-price international calling plan.

I am assuming that the Kramer is not mounted high, so the first step would be to eliminate it and go straight from the back of the BD.

If one lamp were blown this wouldn't happen. But ideally, we'll talk while you or someone is with the projector.

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