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The Home Theatre is ready !. But the most critical components are missing. Wanted to get some advice on choosing a projector and screen for the room.

Here are the dimensions:

The distance between the power jack for the projector to screen: 158 inches

The size of the wall for the screen: 160 " wide X 54 " tall (it is taller, buit I have the center speaker mounted there)

I am looking at the following:

BenQ W1070

Optomo HD33

Screen: Jamestown 100 "

Please let me know....

Thanks !


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The farthest back the Benq w1070's lens can be mounted at for that screen size is about 130" back (but 10 feet / 120" would give you more leeway).

You'd need to run a slight extension cord to do it, and also depending on ceiling height, the Benq w1070 only has 7" of lens shift (7" above screen), so you'd need to do a drop-pole mount.

The Optoma hd33 can be mounted a bit farther back, but I think the w1070 is the better deal if you can make it fit.
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