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I'm moving into my new apartment this weekend, so I'm finally ready to purchase a digital projector and complete my home theater. However, I need to finalize my speaker and screen placement first. I initially wanted to use the master bedroom as my HT, but at 13.5' x 10.5' it's just too small, so I have to figure out a way to make it work in the living room.

Here's my speaker setup:

Mains: Polk RT800i's (towers)

Center: CS400i's (both front and rear on speaker stands)

Surrounds: f/x500i's (dipoles on speaker stands)

Sub: PSW350

Here are two floorplans of my living room area, each showing a different possible setup.

Option 1:

This setup is the one I prefer. It leaves the area in front of my doorway open, which I like. It also lets me mount a screen directly to the wall, unlike the second option. With the blinds closed, the windows let in very little light, and I think I can come up with something that will make it next to nothing (they're actually recessed deep into the wall).

I'm concerned about bothering my neighbors though. You'll notice that the main speakers are right up against the wall I share with the family next door. The wall is plaster but has concrete on the inside. How much sound can I expect to leak into my neighbor's apartment with this setup? I tend to watch movies at moderately high volume. I'll be placing the sub at the other end of the room to minimize any disturbance.


Option 2:

This setup spares my neighbor since the speakers are now against a wall facing outside, but it introduces some complications. If I mount the screen to the wall, which I can do since the windows are recessed and there's no sill on the inside, it will make it difficult to reach the blinds. It will also block light during the day when I don't want it to be dark. I'd probably go with a portable pulldown screen in this case. Ceiling mount would be perfect, but I'd rather not since I'm renting and don't want to cause any damage.

My other concern is that having the right front/surround speakers up against a wall and the left front/surround speakers in an open space will cause problems with sound quality/imaging. Anything I can do to remedy this, or is it not a concern?


As for projector placement, I have a component rack that's a little over 4' high (not shown in the pictures). I'm thinking about placing it behind the rear center speaker against the wall and putting the projector on top of it. Is 4' high enough? Or would I be better off putting it in front of the screen?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer :)
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