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Projector back together, with a few problems

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I got the 9000 back together tonight. Was a complete dissasembly, tube removal and all.

One large concern.

I cannot adjust the raster left or right on the red and blue tubes. Not even in convergence. The only left/right adjustment I have, is in convergence for everything except the center. The green works 100% fine.

Now what gets strange is that if I press the buttons on the remote to move the red raster, I don't see it moving at all. But I then look at the blue and IT has moved.

So then I press the button to move the blue raster and I don't see it budge, but I look at the red and it's suddenly all the way across the screen.

However, pressing the remote to move the outside of the grid in convergence, does display results for that particular color.

I don't know if it was like this before the dissasembly. But she should be all original, not even an anamorph mod yet.

**One thing to note is that when I received the projector, the last few pins on the Convergence module connector (to the backplane) were bent outwards and not connecting at all. Upon reassembly of the projector, I bent them back in so they fit properly .

Oh I think I just answered my question. The convergence module must be somewhat fried. :(

Thanks for any help!
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Reverse the red and blue wires coming from the yokes that go to the HDM (between the green and blue tubes).
Mike's got it. The static convergence ("center" as you called it) comes from the horizontal and vertical deflection coils, not the convergence coils.

Thanks guys, but do I need to reverse the two wires or the whole plug?

I had to reverse the plug to get it to show correct text on my screen, otherwise it reads backwards.

P2, P4 and P5 are what I reversed.

EDIT: NEVERMIND..... geashhh, what a rookie mistake. :D I even had the red connector labled "RED" and viceversa. I thought you were talking bout how the two outside wires for each conector are red and blue. :rolleyes:

THANK YOU. I'm embarrased.
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Move the red yoke bundle to the blue Horizontal board output, and blue to red. At the HDM red is in front, blue at rear; the red tube is next to the IR sensor in front, blue is next to the power cord.
Yay, the projector works. :)

Now time to go into "hibernation mode" and setup the magnetics. I think I"ll order pizza,
Thanks Tim! I guess I was editing while you were typing. :D
I went with frozen chinese food instead of pizza.

Okay, I skipped the magnetics and went straight to the anamorphic mod, using directions from Tim's site:


Success! :) It worked better this time doing it myself, than last time on the 8000 when I had my electronic tech friend do it for me.

I used 47k 1/4 watt 2%, using the bridging method. On the 8000, my budding just replaced the resistors.

NOW on to the magnetics.
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