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projector behind water sprinkler on ceiling

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Anyone know if the heat output of any type of projector is greater than 125 degrees (more specifically the epson 3850)? I believe the water sprinkler is triggered at temps between 135 - 160 and up. Reason I ask is because my projector will be mounted 20" directly behind a fire water sprinkler and it will be in the beams path (beam will be under it). In the case of my projector....the heat is dispersed at an angle away from the lens...but still forward.

Is it safe to do this?
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I cannot imagine at over 1.5' away there would be anywhere near enough heat output to trigger that...though admittedly I have never measured. You have to remember that even the exhaust just immediately dissipates into the room air, so the only way to achieve high temps would be in an enclosed area.

I'd say you should be safe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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