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Guys... I've had my HD70 for several months now. I think I may be among the first group of people on this forum to ever own one. My bulb currently has 772 hours on it... and man it just seems like the colors are "off" now...

I know there is some dimming after a period of time... but I just dont expect there to be this much change this soon.

I'm just trying to figure out whats going on. I cant really explain it but I guess Im wondering do the colors suffer as the bulb dims?

I can honestly say that on ALL inputs the Projector seems to have suffered some loss in color accuracy at 772 hours on the bulb. I really cannot imagine going until the bulb expires to get the punch back to the image.

Now I need to add that I have recently added an HTPC into my HDMI chain. I did alot of tweaking of the Nvida drivers to get the image as accurate as possible. I did not make any changes to the settings of the actual projector because I have other devices on the HDMI chain that have already been calibrated to my liking.

Is it possible that my eyes are fatigued from adjusting the HTPC and I need a period of readjusting?

I was also thinking that maybe the days of calibrating and adjusting I did with the HTPC Nvidia software may have overwritten the RGB settings within the projector.... but thats not at all possible is it?

And even if it were, it would only affect the HDMI input... the changes I am seeing are consistent through each input.

Please chime in with your experiences.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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