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Projector Cleaning/Repair suggestions?

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Projector Cleaning/Repair?

A while back I purchased a used projector off EBay, a Proxima 5900. When I got it, it had a severe case of dust blobs on the LCD panel (at least I think that’s what it is). There are numerous magenta colored spots across the screen and are very distracting during light/white scenes. I can bring the spots in and out of focus and there seems to be 2 sets of them. One becomes very clear when I focus on them and a 2nd set become clear when I bring it out of focus. I’m fairly sure they are dust spots and not dead pixels. I’ve done some searching myself to see if the cleaning was something I could do and found a couple sites that described how to go about cleaning the LCD. I could never figure out how to access the LCD on my projector.

On top of that when watching video I have a vertical yellow bar that appears on the right hand side of the picture and some of the picture has a barely visible yellow tint. I believe this mean something is out of alignment I’m not 100% sure I couldn’t find a correct description online .I have been meaning to get it cleaned and tuned up for a while but haven’t gotten around to it yet. My family has decided to build a dedicated theater room so now is the time to get it fixed up. I’m basically looking for suggestions on where to get it cleaned up and repaired. The home theater room is on a tight budget so the cheaper the better but I want the job done right and well.

I’m looking at Projection Solutions right now as my first choice. It will be about 300$ to do a full tune up. EDIT .. won't let me post a link EDIT. I haven’t done too much in the way of comparisons so I’m hoping you can help me out with that. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Thank you for your time.

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Don't do it! I hate to say it but it doesn't sound like you got a good buy unless you paid a big discount. It sounds like a good candidate for a maintenance trip to the manufacturer or repair shop but only if they are experienced with projectors! It sounds like the LCD panels are bad. $300 sounds like an awful lot for a maintenance tune up - however if this includes replacing the LCD panels it might be okay. This is an old projector, you would be better off putting $300 towards a new projector. This 5900 only has a resolution of 832x624 and is a multimedia projector. I think you would be more satisfied with a new projector or a used model of a newer projector specifically designed for home theater use. Bottom line: the LCD panels probably won't be replaced for $300, and $300 is too much for a "cleaning" only. Ask projection Solutions specifically whether replacing the LCD panels is included in the $300. If not, then don't waste $300 on it, it's total value is not worth it.
There is a place outside of atlanta that does a cleaning for $150+ ship. I don't have the link right now but i can post it tomorrow. The $150 is for one hour on the bench. Parts will be extra if needed. They are a reputable company and will send you the info you need to get started if you are interested.

I'm thinkin about sending an older lcd their way OR putting the money into a new budget model. The latter seems like the logical to do but i may just get it cleaned until some of the soon to be released stuff pans out. Turn-a-round time is quick. You know what they say- one in the hand is worth......

I'll post link soon.

It might help if you can get someone else to view the picture, someone pretty experienced with projectors. they might could tell you what they think is wrong. Why don't you post your location and see if anyone lives near you, or take it to a store, let them hook it up and see what they think the problem is.
I think those color spots are just dust on LCD panel or optical unit inside and .yellow bar from top to bottom on the right side usually mean that the blue signal is shifted (misaligned) to left. My old projector does this too (mitsubishi x100). I believe that there should be a service menu to correct this like adjusting convergence in RPTV. I'm now looking for an access to service menu to correct this but so far no luck. Anyway, I did succesfully get rid of those color spot by open up the projector case and blowing the dust off.

Hope you have better luck in finding the service menu to correct the convergence (yellow bar) problem
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