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A friend of mine that owns a movie theater converted to a sports bar wants to set up a large (25 - 30) foot screen in what remains of the theater area. It will be about as dark as a your typical dark bar but no windows to worry about. He wants to use it to show games and is thinking High definition. I expect this is going to be very expensive and told him as much - he already has the movie screen so he just needs a projector.

Does anyone have any thoughts on projecting such a large image at an output level needed for this application? Any projector suggestions?



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My suggestion is make the screen a bit smaller and go for the affordable Sanyo PLV-WF10 Projector. It can be had for a fraction of the MSRP. Hit the "current dealer prices" botton on the above linked page and also check Price Grabber and Street Prices.com. You don't want to spend a fortune on a sports bar projector, and the Sanyo will produce a giant picture, but one just a little smaller than you suggest, which would be way over-kill anyway. IB

PS I did some calculations and suggest a screen size of 180" in diagonal (15 feet) and the use of a high gain screen. Go to the screen forum for advice on what high gain screen is available in that big a size. A 15' diagonal screen would be huge for a sports bar! 30' would be ridiculous.

MSRP (USD) : $ 12,995 - can be had for much cheaper - check "current dealer priices"

Brightness (Lumens) : 4000 ANSI :)

Contrast: ANSI:


Full On/Off: 900:1

Weight: 46.3 lbs.

Size (inches) (HxWxD) : 9.1 x 17.3 x 23.9

Throw Dist (feet) : No Std Lens

Image Size (inches) : No Std Lens

Lens: Focus:


Zoom: Power

Optional Lenses: Yes

Digital Zoom: No

Keystone Correction: **

Lens Shift: Yes

Compatibility: HDTV:

1035i, 1080i, 720p


EDTV/480p: Yes

SDTV/480i: Yes

Component Video: Yes

Video: Yes

Digital Input: DVI-I

Personal Computers: Yes

Networking: Wired:


Wireless: No

Warranty: 3 Years

Lamp: Type:

250W UHP

Life: **

Quantity: 2

Display: Type:

1.2" PolySi LCD (3)

Native: 1366x768 Pixels

Maximum: 1600x1200 Pixels

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (WXGA)


H-Sync Range: 15.0 - 120.0kHz

V-Sync Range: 50 - 120Hz

Pixel Clock: 230 MHz max

Speakers: 3.0W+ 3.0W

Max Power: 700W

Voltage: 100V - 240V

FCC Class: A

Audible Noise: 46.0 dB

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Panasonic PW-7000

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Actually many 3 chip DLP projectors have been demod on similar size screens. I would tend to agree no single chip would accomodate though. The Panasonic PW7000, Sim2 C3X, Marantz VP12S10, Infocus SP777, Digital Projection Mercury 5000, etc... all are excellent units, and would accomodate a screen like this. Plus they are a lot less expensive than some of the "commercial" level 3 chippers. A lot. :)

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Originally Posted by ChrisWiggles
what about 3-chippers, that would be better than the Qualia in that kind of application, no? Brighter...
I lightly suggested the Qualia since it has a 900w Xenon lamp. He has a big screen with substantial ambient light.

Note too that any projector over 1kw will probably need forced venting and 240v power.

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Budget permitting, Sanyo's PLV-HD10 would be your best bet; otherwise, go with the PLV-WF10 with the short-throw wide angle lens. We're using a WF-10 on a 28'-wide screen at CineMalibu (the outdoor theater we created at a local park after the only movie theater in town burned down).

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What sports bar has only one screen. :) Start with one projector, say the PLV-HD10 with a masked screen to 15' and then add a second projector for another show when $$ permit.
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