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Projector for powerpoints under $1000

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I hope this is the right forum. my friend asked me to research what would be a good projector for presentations that was under $1000. I own the Infocus X1, but use it for home theatre, and I'm guessing he would need 1024x768. What quality projector with those specs would you recommend? he also was interested in something that wasn't too bulky. Appreciate any models and brands you like.

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Yes you will want to focus on bright, business class XGA, as most laptops will be set to 1024x768 natively. I think there may not be a lot of opinion on that out here as most folks chatting in here use their PJ's for home theater.

Do they need a brand new unit with warantee? The market is flooded with tons of units made in the early 2000's that you can probably pick up on the cheap. I think you just want something with 1200 lumens or higher. The higher the better, so you won't have to dim the lights or close the blinds.

If you want to see your list of "in production choices" Go to projector central and click on "find projectors", choose at least (in my opinion) 1200 lumens, and resolution XGA or higher, and see what comes up. I just demo'd an infocus unit hardly larger than my hand! And it spit out a pretty decent bright picture fr powerpoint presentation purposes.
Infocus has many XGA ~2000 lumen DLP and LCD's for your needs.

Do a search at Projectorpeople.com for all XGA projectors >1500 lumens.

You don't really need DVI or HDMI, either, which is usually omitted from sub $1000 XGA projectors.
Sticking with a brand you know, I would take a look at the Infocus X3. XGA, 1700 lumens, 2000:1 contrast and priced way under $1000. The other big names, Optoma, Benq, etc., also have units with about the same specs and price range. Stay away from used or Ebay, with bulbs being $300 to $400, that used projector isn't such a bargain if you need a bulb for it. Check out the forum sponsers for good prices. Good Luck Biersy
Dell is probably a good bet but InFocus will get you a proper corporate projector.

Two important factors:

1. Portability - if the pj will be moved around a lot consider a small pj such as the LP70+ or LP120

2. Brightness - if the presentations will be done in rooms with the lights on (e.g. flourescents) then get something in the 1200+ lumens range.
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