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We were looking for a flat screen for our bedroom, approx 17x14 with 14ft trey ceilings, so 10ft at the first step.

The price for 42" units, in a quality level I'd want is a bit higher than we wanted to spend.

I started looking at projectors and at 899 retail for the 2 720 DLP units suggested here and a bit more for a screen that fits our budget perfectly.

The room is mostly shaded to about cloudy day levels. There are 3 tall but narrow windows that have shades always drawn. Most of the time we will be using it when its dusk to dark levels.

I don't think light is a problem at all.

We'll be shooting it the 14' length and we'll be on a bed that sits about 40" above the floor.

The projector will be above our heads so quiet is better. The projector also allows us to place the AV equipnment not in the main walk way through the room.

What will be hooked up is a Laptop/HTPC, Dish HD 622 DVR, and maybe a 360.

How small can we make the screen?

We have molding around the wall about 4' up but that can be removed.

I don't need a 108" screen....60" would be perfect, maybe even a bit smaller.

Or is this not feasible?

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At 14 feet both the Mitsubishi HD1000 and the Optoma HD70 will give you about a 100 inch screen, minimum. The Panasonic AX100u and the Sanyo Z5 will give you a 70" screen, minimum.
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