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Ok I've been doing some reading but thought I should try to get some input, any help is appreciated!

My buddy is doing a projector set up in his game room, it can be light controlled well but will be used for watching sports in addition to movies.

Screen will be on a wall 14' wide and 8' tall (then an angle, ceiling is at 9'), seating will be about 19' back from the wall so thinking of a fairly big screen probably 130".

Projector will be ceiling mounted and distance is not an issue, it can be mounted any distance from the wall.

Looking to spend 1000-1500 max on the projector. I'm going to encourage him to check some out but wanted a little direction. Thanks!

In summary:

130" screen

Ceiling mount, any distance back, 1' higher max from top of screen

semi-light controlled room

seating 19' back from screen

$1500 max budget
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