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Projector killing the DVI port on my cards?

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I've experienced the weirdest thing...

Got my Sharp XV-Z200 projector and hooked it up to my HTPC with a R9500 on the DVI output (Which worked great with my previous projector). Everything seemed to work great from the first moment. However, after rebooting for the first time, it seems the card couldn't output red anymore. And not only that, what should be white had a bluish tint. So after fooling around with all possible settings on the projector, i switched it with my DVI flat panel monitor, and the colors were still wrong. This was both in the bootup-screen and in windows (different resolutions). VGA works fine however.

Which means the DVI output on card died right in front of me..

Then, tired after trying to figure out what the problem was, I put a R9100 in the HTPC. And everything seemed fine using DVI to the projector. Two days after however, when starting up the projector, there was no signal. I soon figured out the DVI port on the R9100 was dead, it would give no signal to my DVI flat panel monitor either. VGA still works.

What should I do next? The projector has no VGA input, only DVI. Should I risk the projector will ruin the DVI output of yet another graphics card, if that's what happened? I'm running out of ideas here, and I don't want to kill more cards.
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Projector without a VGA input? Hmmm.

Try connecting your DVI to your projector and VGA to your monitor at the same time and check the ATI control panel to see if the Flat Panel Display connector is turned on.

I hate asking the obvious but I don't see in the post where you tried switching cables.

Kei: Yep, it does show up in the control panel when connecting a VGA monitor also. With the R9100 The projector is labeled "Sharp" in the ATI DVI properties. So there are some sort of communication through DVI at least, but no picture. This looks the same on the R9500, but at least there I get picture through DVI, although colors are messed up.

Rick: Actually, I never tried using another DVI cable to the projector. The DVI cable had worked fine with my previous projector, so I never considered that the cable might kill the DVI port of the graphics cards. I will of course use a different cable (to minimize the risk) when trying next. I have however tried to connect the HTPC to my LCD monitor, which uses another DVI cable, and the picture is still black on the R9100 and messed up on the R9500
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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