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Hello everyone,


I'm new to home theatres and their design.  Building a new media room.  It is a dedicated room with no windows, only one door. The room is long and narrow (34.5ft long X 9ft wide). The screen will be affixed on one wall at the end of the room.


Screen: 100" Elite screen, white with 1.2 gain


Projector:  Considering the Epson 5030 UB (not bought yet).


My question is what optimal distance should i place the projector from the screen so I dont lose resolution?


More than likely the projector will be ceiling mounted.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Happy to have found these forums!


Cheers!! :)



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You never lose resolution that is the number of pixels on the screen.

That is a challenging room. long and narrow and your screen is limited by the room width. You could have gone just a tad bigger on the screen and literally gone wall to wall.

You should get to know the online projector image size calculators at either Projection Central or Projector People. they would tell you that you the lens needs to be 9-9 to 20'-11" from a 100 inch diagonal screen and the closer the brighter the projector will be. If you post a diagram of where you think your seating will go We could give you some hints of the best place to put it.
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