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Hello all! Well, thanks to smchan's generosity, I am now the proud owner of an NEC LT150 - WOW... what an AMAZING device (of course, you have to realize I was using a 10-year old Toshiba (27") before this which was phasing in and out.... regardless.. this little unit is amazing.

Now comes the fun part.... devising a mounting system for this bugger (the fixed throw distance is a bit of a pain..). Here's the deal... I have already "constructed" a quick release mounting bracket for when I have to take it on presentations... but here is where I am hoping some of you with experience/connections can help me out.... Based on the room it will be used in, I have to limit the screen width to 55" - (there are windows flanking it (heavy curtains that let no light in, so that is not an issue) - so... that limits where I can put it... I have opted to ceiling mount it - in order to meet the WAF I have devised a plan in my head... Here is what I need:

I need a track system... i.e. like track lighting rails or something - that can hold about 10lbs +/- ... so that when we want to use it we can slide it to where it needs to be - and then when we are done we can slide it to the back where it is out of view and satisfies the WAF... my question is this... have any of you tried this? Do any of you know where I could find such a track system? --

Thank you!!


... If only they made aftermarket lenses that changed the throw distance...

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