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Projector powering down

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I've had a JVC RS2 since it first came out and it's worked great. Recently though, it just powers down completely after a couple of hours. There is no fault shown, ALL the light's are off. After it's been off for a while the red standby light comes on.

Could this be from overheating? Again, after years this just started happening. My only thought is there may be enough dust inhaled over time that it is overheating something but the removable screen filter is clean and when I popped the top there was just a thin layer of dust. Enough to flunk the white glove test but no real accumulation.

Any other idea's? I guess I could send it in but I gather they're not worth much anymore. Perhaps it's time for an upgrade?


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Your bulb could be going bad or possibly one of your fans has died and causing an overheating issue.
I would think a bad fan would trigger a fault but perhaps not. I'll have to check the exhaust flow, that should tell the tail.
Me too! See my (just revived today) thread. I know for sure it's the fan because a) taking it apart revealed a slightly cooked fan sitting in a puddle of black goo and b) when I strapped another fan to the exahust port, the projector works fine, albeit noisier.

I have narrowed down the right part number for the fan to three choices. I was hoping an AVS reader could help me pick one, else I'll just order both of the HD100 "fan motor"s and see which is the right one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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