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Decided to just put this all in a new thread if that's ok. My previous threads in getting this far are here...


and for the screen, here...


I ended up with a used (practically new!) Sony HW30 and a Favi 100" screen. Here are the pics and my final thoughts. Opinion was mixed as to wether or not I should do this or would be happy with it considering my past TV, and my room conditions and limitations. So...here's what I like...

-100" screen :)
-Dark movies are great w the Dynamic Iris. This was an area I was afraid of most, but it turns out darker movies with this projector are actually the best overall.

What I don't like

-As you can see in the pics, the reflected light did turn out to be pretty bad with these walls. I even shown the minimal difference with having the light on in the room. As Lestat would say...they make the night brighter than the day!
-The blacks are pretty bad in most anything...except a black screen lol. They are like LCD blacks. But I did see an HW40 in Best Buy demo room, so the difference wasn't much from that and I was prepared for it. And I always have the option of getting a better room and getting more black in the future.

Am I totally happy with it? Yes and no. I like the large screen, but I really wish I could have gone 120" from my 13-14 ft back now (my odd setup restricted my space). And much like I did with my 65" plasma, I STILL have a desire to just stick my chair in the middle of the room and try to get that theater experience that I thought was going to be the entire room after I got it set up. 2:35 movies really look...big but not big enough. I need to try some 16:9 stuff now!

The biggest issue may be the room itself, but not like you think. It's no so much the light reflections, but that there's too much going on at the sides of the screen in my field of vision, with toys, birdcages, etc and it takes me out of the home movie theater mode. If I can address that somehow, I'll be much happier.

But am I happy I did it? Yes, I am. Not as overjoyed as I though I'd be, but for different reasons than I though. If I put my chair in the center of the room, I'm happy. But then I lose my couch that's 14 ft back. I guess it's true that you need full field of vision to really get that theater feel!

Here are the pics...before, after, screen down, Star Wars with lights off, and room with test pattern, and another of the same pattern but with the light on to show how bright it is with the light reflections...Thanks for all the help guys!


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