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Projector review: JVC DLA-HD 950

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Projector review: JVC DLA-HD 950
Bright and contrast-rich another winner from JVC

Picking up where the HD 750 left off, JVC's DLA-HD 950 (~7,000 USD) improves on one crucial aspect of its predecessor's performance the colors are more faithful. Our only real criticism of the device is that these new, improved colors come courtesy of the THX mode; and once THX is activated, the user can't adjust the picture settings.

Nevertheless, the JVC impressed us in just about every criterion we reviewed excellent connectivity, attractive design, accurate video processing. But we were more than just impressed with the contrast: The HD 950 sets a new record of 30,600:1, and that's without the iris. Close the iris, and it'll easily hit 40,000:1. Still, JVC famously eschews dynamic iris adjustment, so closing the iris means having it closed throughout: Dark images will look darker, as you'd hope, but so will bright images in fact, the projector's light output drops by almost half.

Calibration using the JVC's color-management system gave an almost perfect match for the HDTV color space.

We're genuinely impressed with the Clear Motion Drive motion-enhancement technology. Not only does it do a very tidy job of generating intermediate frames and removing pulldown judder; it also supports a range of input signals and stores the user's choice of film mode separately for each. Like with any such technology, however, it's best applied subtly: If you turn Clear Motion Drive up to its highest setting, halo effects appear on fast-moving objects.

Although the native contrast is huge, the ANSI contrast failed to match that of top DLP projectors. This might be down to diffuse surfaces in the lens system, which scatter light and therefore weaken the image's blacks. Some color shading also caught our eye in the corners of the picture, but these will barely be apparent during normal viewing.

Both DVD and Blu-ray signals display a high level of detail, and enjoy a welcome boost in motion clarity thanks to Clear Motion Drive. Those who prefer authentic cinema judder won't be disappointed either: With the technology deactivated, 24p Blu-rays display exactly as they should.

Read the full review of the JVC DLA-HD 950 at Televisions.com.

Any comments on the device or our review are most welcome.
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You speculate that this machine has an ANSI contrast score lower than that of a typical DLP machine because of some lens effect. This seems improbable to me. I'm sure that some DLP machine's have better lens than some LCD or LCoS machines. But high ANSI contrast values are associated with all DLP machines suggesting that it's something central and intrinsic to the DLP image generation process.

thanks for your comment. I'm not saying ANSI contrast is lower than a typical DLP machine. Here's the original again "ANSI contrast failed to match that of top DLP projectors".

What we mean by that is:

1. The highest Ansi contrasts that we've measured so far came from top DLPs

2. This specific projector showed contrast-reducing effects in its lens

Especially when it comes to ANSI-Kontrast, a single chip solution is easier to handle. That might be the reason why we see so many DLPs performing good here.
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Added this to the "reviews" on the first post of the RS25/HD950 thread. Thanks, TF.
nothing specific, but I really like how we can comment on the review and get a response from the writer. Much better than the (sometimes far to dumbed down)news briefs that get posted on the main AVS page that no one can comment on. Thanks TVFlo!

Originally Posted by irfan /forum/post/18103147

nothing specific, but I really like how we can comment on the review and get a response from the writer. Much better than the (sometimes far to dumbed down)news briefs that get posted on the main AVS page that no one can comment on. Thanks TVFlo!

You know irfan, you are right. Those sections have now been opened for comments to be made on thread topics posted.

Thank you.
Terrific review of this exceptional projector, TelevisionFlo! Thank you. I'm having trouble deciding between this RS25 and the Panny AE4000 so this helps. The RS25, overall, is the better projector. That's not argued. As usual, it's the price disparity in relation to the quality, ie bang for the buck I'm interested in.

If the difference were a couple of thousand I'd not think twice. I'd go with the RS25. But, given the AE4000 can be had for 2K in light of the RS25's 7K I'm putting in the work and have arranged to see both projectors in action at a local AV shop here in Dallas. It's difficult for me to believe the two are truly comparable but a lot of the guys at projector central insist the quality of the RS25 (from the AE4000) simply isn't that great of leap. I'll update after I view them both. And thanks again for a great review.
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What did you decide to do? What were your thoughts?

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