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Projector Screen Over a Wall-Mounted TV? What To Do For Speakers?

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Sooo, I'm part of this review program on Amazon where I get free stuff to review every month. God must like me, because this month I am apparently getting hooked up with a BenQ W7000 full HD 3D projector!

The problem is that I currently have a wall mounted TV with in-wall/ceiling speakers and I'm not quite sure how to make the new stuff fit. It makes sense to have everything set up in the same room (there's not a lot of extra space in the house, and my man cave is in the basement with blackout shades/curtains), but I have several questions.

1. Is something like this a decent screen? What do you really get by paying a lot more or a lot less? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Projecta+-+Designer+Contour+92%22+Electric+Projector+Screen+-+White/9438325.p?id=1218117620012&skuId=9438325

2. Since the large screen would cover up my left, right and center speakers up front, what are some ideas of what I should do.

a. Do I try to have two sets of speakers for each type of viewing (and does someone sell a switch to toggle between speakers if so)?

b. Do I buy new speakers, spread them out and just try to use them all the time?

c. Is there a creative way to make my current speakers work without drywall repair?

3. Can anyone suggest a good (proven) HDMI switch/splitter with two outputs? I'd rather not buy a new receiver.

That's all I can think of for now I guess, but it's probably more than enough to get started.
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Look into acoustically transparent screens.
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Awesome suggestion. I'm eyeing this one:

Does anyone know anything about that model line?
I've actually have the same model for three years, but without the acoustically transparent screen. 92" inches motorized excellence. If you have any questions outside of the acoustic transparency, I'm more than willing to offer what help I can.
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