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Hallo i have purchased a sony lcd projector from a friend.I am just trying to connect this projector with the Egreat M-34a multimedia player through vga to component cable which i have.This cable used to work with my old infocus x1 when i set egreat to 720p component output.I tested all resolutions from egreat menu (component output selection),but i only get picture only at 576i 60hz.

1.Is this projector incompatible with 720p signals through vga?

2.Is any problem with the cable?I have checked the pinout from the sony cable SMF-402 and its the same as mine.

3.Is there any firmware to fix this problem?

The problem is that 576 is low resolution for mkv 720p and 1080p comparison to the xga native resolution of this projector.When i connect vga (from laptop) to the pj everything seems to work fine at 1024x768 and picture is lot better than component 576i output from egreat.

I have also switched the option on the sony pj menu screen which is for vga input signal to component cable and i always get check signal on input A vga when i set egreat output to component 720p.

If anybody can help i would appreciate it so much!
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