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projector that works well with ambient light?

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i am thinking of going the projector route instead of buying an HDTV for use with my HTPC...

basically im looking for something that has a vga input, and that will be bright enough to use during the day with some shades pulled... there is still a bit of ambient light in my living room even with the shades closed... id probably just be projecting on my white walls... is this even possible, or would i have to get a da-lite screen or the like...
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There are a lot of threads here on this. Search around. I have an X1 that most here will tell you doesn't do well with ambient light but I use mine all the time with late afternoon daylight and sometimes with small lights on in the room. Direct light is a killer and will completely wash out the screen. Check out the 260K - that is the one many others here have recommended when your question comes up. The real question is: How much ambient light?
There's probably more information you'll need to go through first. A PLV70 (Sanyo) probably would be fine (like the 260 recommended above) - but will the throw length fit in your room? I use a Panasonic 300 and it works fine (for me) with ambient light. I just know that during the day, its going to look rather washed out. Anytime after 4pm and its fine.

What type of viewing is important too - dont expect to watch cable on a 100" screen - its going to look like crap. DVD / HDTV awesome.

Basically, there's a ton of more info beyond 'will it work with ambient light' needed to really recommend a projector. Take a look around, browse for a few weeks and you'll find most of the information you need.

Did you ever play JG? I knew a guy who used NatGun as a nick...

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x1? 260k? what manufacturer? do you guys reccomend a screen, or is a white wall sufficient?

yes, i played jumpgate, the one and only natgun... what was your nick?
I have some pics of screen / no screen with and without ambient light of my 300 at:


Just click on the link for home theater pics.

A DaLite Hi Power will help (to a small degree) with ambient light over a white wall. As for overall picture quality, if your wall is perfectly smooth, I don't think it will help much at all. There's a pic in my link above that shows an peice of white vinyl I bought for $6 at JoAnne Fabrics vs my $500 DaLite - not much difference. But since I have a slobering great dane, a roll up screen was manatory.

The 260 is by NEC. The X1 is InFocus. I strongly advise looking at a DLP projector before buying one. Watch a solid 30min of a decent action movie to see if you're prone toany of DLP's potential issues.

The place I started my research was at ProjectorPeople.com - just use the link at the top of this page. You'll get an idea of various resolutions and options that may be important.


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I own a PB 7200 wigh 2200 lumens in a room with a good amount fo ambient light considering I have to have 25% of my window showing at all times do to fire codes. I run my PJ on econo mode to save bulb hours and its probably 1500 lumens is what most people say which is works well on ambient light. You may want to look into LCD if you want something with a lot of light since for DLP with a white segment you have to turn if off or down to get a good picture for HT much drops the lumens a lot.

Next time I upgrade I may get dead I say, an LCD, as much as that makes me shutter with a high power screen to totatly kick ambient light's ass. If you got the cash and a decent sized room get the 260 or hte PLV 70 with a high power screen. If your like me, somebody on a budget the brighest PJ for the price is the 7200 because of the free bulb deal. You get the most lumens for your dollar but colors arn't the best on these units.

heya bagaos, still playing? at all? i went back for the free re-activation, but it didnt do much for me... too bad just about every other mmo game out there sucks...

thanks for the tips guys.
I just got a BenQ PB8220 and it works well even with some ambient light. I use a 100" Da-Lite matte white screen.
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