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Hey Guys,

I have the ax-200 and AE3000. The ae3000 suffers from serious video lag even with fast frame creation turned on. It is very noticeable on Crysis for PC, XBOX, and low res games like Warcraft 3. Moving the mouse cursor around makes it obvious. The ax200u on the other hand does an awesome job.

Does anyone know if there is a 1080p projector that offers response rate as fast or near as fast at the ax200u?

Don't get me wrong, the AE3000 is a champion of Home Theater, but it isnt designed for FPShooters.

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From my understanding, the only two 1080p projectors this year that are fast are the Sanyo Z700 and the Epson 6100. They're both entry level projectors. Everything else has lots of fancy (sometimes optional) image processing and adds lag.

If you can find it, last year's Epson 1080UB is probably the best pure gaming projector you're going to ever find.

There's another input lag thread, so we should probably stick to that. Tons of info on there...

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