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projector with dvi input

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Are there any home theater projector below U$2000 that has a dvi connection. I am planning to get the new Samsund 941 dvd player that upconverts standard dvd resolution up to 1080i and it only outputs through dvi.

Optoma EZpro 750 seems to be the only one that I can find. Any others that I can consider?

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Several current and soon to be released models do. I would suggest using Projectorcentral.com to find out which ones exactly.
I can see that the Panasonic and the Sanyo Z2 are both LCDs. It would be great if there are at least SVGA Dlp projectors that can accept dvi input.

Ill head over to projectorcentral see what I can find out.

Thanks for the replies so far.
infocus 4805 will be out soon. That is the only one I can think of.
Sharp PG-M20X has DVI, but I'm keeping my head in the sand regarding the encryption requirement..
Also Sharp DT200 & Z90 have DVI, & also lens shift if it is of use to you.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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