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I recently saw a 3D film on a holiday, one where you wear glasses with each eye polarised in a different direction. The staff told me afterwards that there are simply 2 projectors, 1 for each eye, with a differently oriented polarising filter on each. So far so good.

When I got home, I tried this experiment with my LCD based projector:

wearing polarised glasses: no matter which way I tilt my head the image appears normal.

placing sunnies between the projector and screen, and rotating the glasses, I was able to block out either the red and blue colours, or the green colour. I suppose since green has the straight optical path it's polarization is different to the red and blue panels which are off to the side?

So why does the light reflecting from my screen have its polarisation angle randomised, or how does the 3D Cinema keep the effect?

Any takers?

Brett D
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