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Projectors supporting anamorphic enhancement

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Due to ever increasing interest in anamorphic lenses we are compiling a list of compatible projectors. Some sources are from our own experience and some are from third parties. There are just too many models to test every one. So if anyone has any inputs, corrections or exceptions to the list please email me . Please do not submit projector models more than two years old and please only submit 16:9 projectors at this time.

If you submit info on physical compatibility, please measure the vertical beam size projected from a bright 16:9 source onto a vertical piece of paper in front of the projector housing with the image zoomed as large as possible for a worst case scenario. Besides physical compatibility (throw ratio, beam size, etc.) there are two scaling modes. The first enhances 2.35:1 content when used with a moveable anamorphic lens. This requires a vertical stretch of 2.35:1 content to use the full 16:9 pixel array. The second mode is for when a 16:9 projector is permanently converted to 2.35:1 with a fixed anamorphic lens (for a constant height 2.35:1 screen) and includes the first mode plus an additional capability to horizontally squeeze all non-2.35:1 content. Important: Please check the various modes against signal resolutions. Some projectors offer scaling modes only for standard resolutions such as 480p and below and may lock out the mode for higher resolutions such as HD.

Note that these scaling modes are valid for all anamorphic lens brands that convert 16:9 to 2.35 (or 4:3 to 16:9). In addition, if projectors are physically compatible with Panamorph lenses they will also be compatible with most other brands of commercially available anamorphic projection lenses as well.

For questions or discussion regarding anamorphic lenses outside the scope of this thread, please start another thread or email me direct so that this thread can remain focused only on projector/lens compatibility.

Thanks very much,
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Optoma HD72 added to list. Thanks, ZBoomer.
Shawn, you might want to post this in the 2.35:1 Constant Image Height forum.
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