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prologic 2 on the pc

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recently ive been trying to setup surround sound on my pc.

ve managed to get dvds at a highly enjoyable quality, DTV is nice too.

music is okay..... need a software freuqency cutoff, none exists.

what i want to do now, is get my ps2 connected to this.

I DO NOT have a reciever.

my speakers plug into the 7.1 sound card on my pc.

im trying to use Prologic 2 to play the ps2 in surround.

ive got that connected to my line in, but i get stereo sound.

i just need some software that would make my pc act as the reciever.

shouldnt be that hard, im sure someone ahas this stuff done alreadi.

to summarize,

Want PC to act as Dolby Prologic 2 decoder. (through software)
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