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Pronto TSU2000 questions.

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I am thinking seriously about getting one of these and have a couple of questions.

I am wondering if I should purchase a docking station with it. How long do alkaline batteries last?

I have a Lutron Spacer light dimmer and my present learning remote won't learn the codes. I have read that Pronto can learn the Lutrons code, can anyone verify this please?

That's all the questions I have for now, and thank you for your responses in advance.
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I am wondering if I should purchase a docking station with it
On other boards, the value of the charger has been debated at lengths, and the consensus is that it is hard to make a case for it on economic reasons (you can buy rechargeables and charger, alcalines are cheap when compared to 70$ MRSP or even 50$ that you can find in some places. But it does buy peace of mind (on the power front), it looks good and it gives the Pronto a home. I used to misplace remotes all the time, but since I got the Pronto with DS I just leave it on it (as good a place as any, so why not).

How long do alkaline batteries last?
There is no answer. On the Pronto you have three decisions, how long is the LCD active, does the backlight come on automatically and how long is the light on (if not automatic) depending on these settings the power consumption changes a lot.

I have a Lutron Spacer....
I don't have one but the answer is Yes look here http://www.remotecentral.com/files/c...-lighting1.htm

BTW I have the doc and I definitely think it is worth it
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Paul, I have the docking station and I agree with Anthony in that one thing it gives you is a place to put it every time you leave the room. Also, of course, you don't have to worry about the batteries. I left the batteries that came with the Pronto in it just to see how long they would last, and when I least expected it, they started going dead, and I had problems because I didn't have the one from the docking station charged. I had to steal batteries from other remotes to get it working again. I would say that it lasted about 3 months, with moderate use. I don't use my theater every day, since I have a regular TV downstairs, so I would say that was about 3 months with use about three nights a week, backlight turns off after about 15 seconds of non-use and the light doesn't turn on unless you hit the side button.

Have you been over to Remote Central.com? They have a lot of how-to information in their dedicated Pronto forum. If you're thinking of a Pronto, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

I have a pronto and I have a lutron spacer. The pronto can learn it with no problems. I've had my Pronto since Jan and I haven't changed the batteries yet, don't know how much longer I have left on them. The Pronto is a great value. It would be hard to beat at that price. I paid $209 ( factory refurb) at pcseller.com

If you are getting a pronto (or anything else), check out ubid.com. I got my new pronto (w/o base) there for around the same price as gus got his. Shipping at ubid is more then most places... and they add costs based on weight. They have a great return policy... if you follow their guildlines. Be sure to understand ubid before you buy anything there. Some times purchases come pseudo-direct (i.e. ubid direct) from the manufacturer (a good thing - no worries about someone running with your money), some come from ubid prefered partners, and others are from the consumer exchange (not so good IMHO).

Many manufactures will dump stuff on ubid. Some are new, but I found most to be remanufactured. I check on it every once in a while. Most of the time I don't really find anything I want/can afford. But every once in a while you find that gem. Good luck.

btw. not related to ubid in any way, except as a customer. (one return (21" refurbed sony monitor), and then one purchase (new pronto)).

btw2. sony is one of those manufactures that seems to use ubid as a dumping ground. Also I, personally, don't trust sony refurbs, not with my experience. Especially with displays, they are probally the most finiky.
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Definetly get the docking station. The Battery is NIMH and good. I can go through a charge or a set in a couple of days to a week depending on how often I play tetris on it :)

I don't leave my remote on the charger when not in use however because the biggest reason for battery leaks and failure is when people "top off" or overcharge the batteries. Toping off is when a charged battery is placed on the charger for a re-charged. It depends really as some chargers are pretty smart and probably don't allow an overcharge. Your batteries will last much longer if you only re-charge your batteries when they need it.
I agree with phyre3 that if you play tetris or use your pronto for a significant amount of time, get a docking station.

But a few things, conditioning (discharging completely before recharging) is definitely necessary for every charge cycle on NiCD (Nickel Cadamin). It is not needed or desired for Rechargable Alkaline. And for NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries like the Maha (a good brand) they suggest you condition your battery once every 4 charges.

Getting quality NiMH batteries is well worth the price. Is it critical? Maybe. If you find the batteries run out too quickly, try some quality NiMH batteries. I use NiMH for nearly everything (except flashlights). NiMH have a lower self discharge rate then NaCD. For things I don't use as often (or that drain batteries at a slower rate), I try to use rechargeable alkaline.

Here is an article if you want to learn more about different quality NiMH: http://www.imaging-resource.com/ACCS/BATTS/BATTS.HTM

So what about me? Do I use a docking station? No... not yet. I figure if battery life on my Pronto becomes a problem, I can get a docking station. In the 7-8 months I've owned it, it hasn't been a big deal. (I haven't been using it intensely though).

If you are going to get a pronto or docking station, consider the implications of this thread on your purchase: http://avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthrea...hreadid=137208

Oh yeah. Running up and down the stairs to get a fresh charge of batteries for all my electronic devices is good for me. :p

3 wireless optical mice

3 wireless keyboards

3 FRS radios

humm... I guess good things come in threes... kinda like the three different diva speakers I have on order (6.1, C3, R3). :D
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Where I work, we use the Pronto to control our videoconferencing equipment. The first Pronto we put in was in Nov 99. We have the docking station at each location (over 20) and we leave the Pronto on the charger when not in use. So far I have not noticed (or heard of) any problems with the batteries (I would have heard of it if there was a problem). So if there is no problem, with the battery after almost three years (the oldest) used (several times) every weekday, and left on the charger all weekend and evenings, I don't think you will get problems by leaving it on the charger.
Thanks all for the good info. Looks like a docking station will be part of my purchase, if for no other reason, it gives it a home. When my kids were younger I had to tie my remotes to the furniture so I could find them, but now if they are missing, it is usually in the cushions.
As far as the docking station goes...I'm using good 'ol alkaline batteries and haven't needed to change them for 3-4 months now.

Also, with a docking station, you of course need to plug that in. This may not be aesthetically appealing to you if you have a wire running off your coffee table.

Just my $0.02.
Power won't be a problem, I am going to build a platform soon for my sofa. I plan to put an outlet and some A/V jacks in the front riser. On the floor in front of the platform will be 2 easy chairs with a table between them, I could put the docking station on this table.
"So if there is no problem, with the battery after almost three years (the oldest) used (several times) every weekday, and left on the charger all weekend and evenings, I don't think you will get problems by leaving it on the charger."

The pronto charger may be pretty smart as most NIMH are I think becasue they need to be, they are more sensitive to abuse than a NICD. Still the biggest reason for premature battery failure is bad charging and leaving thigs always on the charger is a big cause in most devices.
I don't disagree. And I might be shortening the battery's life. But I know that the life span of the average cell phone battery (the MiMH kind) is about one year with normal usage (that means almost drained before recharging- statistics from work), and my cordless phone after 2 years its battery is good for at most 1/2 hour of talking (statistic from home), so an almost 3 year old Pronto battery that spends a lot of time on the charger when not in use and probably 90% of the time not fully drained before recharging going strong is not a bad experience. And if you go to the Pronto forum at remote central and ask for others experiences, I am sure most of them will have the same as I did.

I don't know much about batteries. But from what I have heard there are different NiMHs (they use different metals) and also that the way the charging is done (and when) also plays a role. Maybe Philips did it right (I know there are different reasons to be frustrated with the charger, but that is not the discussion here) and the effect is negligible

Also I never said that it was a scientific study or in theory. I know it was a conclusion based on personal experience, and that is why I gave so much background information.

Plus the Pronto does not like it when it is under powered, so I definitely think (IMHO) that it is better to have a charged up Pronto (if you can help it) then using the Pronto and putting it on the charger when the battery is dead (plus someone would have my ass if the system was not usable because someone forgot to put it on the charger and the battery is dead.)
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